Podcast #12 of The Sexual Shaman:THE SACRED PROSTITUTE – THE SEXUAL SHAMAN – TANTRA: https://therainbowbody.com/…/the-sacred-prostitute-the…/

This podcast-videocast series is inspired by a book I envisioned, contributed to, edited, and published 30 years ago, entitled: Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute: https://therainbowbody.com/sacred-prostitute/. This current podcast-videocast is a series of conversations with both women and men of the light. All about sexuality and spirituality.

We go into the topics of western Tantra, western sexology, orgasm, gender, Tibetan Buddhism, contemporary shamanism, and traditional shamanism. Basically, we focus on energy and transformation in all aspects of our lives. Here we openly support all sexual orientations, all genders, all gender identifications, all races, and all ethnicities.

In this episode, I join Kenneth Ray Stubbs as we explore the concepts of the sexual shaman, orgasm, and tantra, especially for people on a path of spiritual seeking.

The audio-only is available also on podcast platforms:


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