This full moon in Virgo is a good checkpoint. A time to reflect. How’s your heart? How is your relationship to life?

Personally, I’m inquiring about right relationship with ISTA. Collectively, the International School of Temple Arts is in a process of radical restructuring. I’m headed back to Baja Mexico for a full month of work & play at ISTA’s annual CORE gathering. This is an organism-wide gathering that includes: Leads, Facilitators, Apprentices, Organizers, and Leah and WET Fund custodians.

Our annual Core is an opportunity to reflect on the past, do shadow work, and ask hard questions. We are facing important external challenges and looking at how to upgrade the work ISTA brings to the world. Some of the questions that are near and dear to my heart are: How can we stand for love with integrity, empathy, accountability, and greater transparency? We are in the process of deepening our trauma-informed practices and widening our offerings to more diverse groups of people. This is a time of listening to feedback and owning our shadow reflections.

After Core, for the first time in my life, I’ll be initiating a powerful new offering in the lineage of my Enlightenment Master’s training. (See invitations below) I’ll also be co-creating two Level 2 trainings with Janine Ma Rae and Bruce Lyon.

In light of all this potential change, there is a ton of uncertainty. I don’t know the direction of our re-structure, or what role I will play in the organism, but no matter what happens it’s always a good time to double down on self-love. So I made this video, for you, from my heart:

As you know, Self Love is at the root of every relationship as well as every spiritual practice. In this video, I make an important distinction between the small self and the true self and offer some suggestions on how to create systems to regularly re-charge your self-love battery. Let’s not underestimate however the fact that we are tribal animals and we need to have a healthy dialectic between Self-love and social support. What do you do to raise your love levels?

Wake up & Dream,
KamalaDevi (They/Them) 

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