…I’ve been doing a lot of relationship upgrades and repairs and I wanted to share a powerful tool that has helped me and my partners navigate complex issues. This powerful metaphor can help you strengthen and repair when there is misunderstanding and breakdown in any kind of relationship…

If we imagine each individual has a unique garden or soul-scape that reflects their interior world: emotions, beliefs, stories, desires, wounds, dreams, and prayers… each garden is absolutely unique and magical in its own right. When you enter into a relationship, you build a bridge between these two gardens. This is a sacred space to bring the harvest of your garden, and your partner brings theirs. Together, you create a bridge that is more magnificent than you could create alone.

The bridge is the vital connection between those gardens, crafted with conscious communication, and built upon the pillars of honesty, empathy, vulnerability, and trust. (Or any other values you agree to base your relationship on.) The bridge is the essence of every healthy relationship, it stretches us to grow beyond our own small self.

The bridge can be a safe space to share your hopes, dreams, and fears, while also holding space for your partner to do the same.

Sometimes, however, even the most well-constructed bridges need repair. Life’s challenges and unforeseen circumstances can cause wear and tear. Not to mention, misunderstandings, disagreements and resentments that build up. This is a natural part of the process.

When the bridge needs mending, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring whatever tools you have available. Approach the task together, embracing the challenge as an opportunity for growth.

The key to keeping the bridge strong is to nurture the connection continually and to celebrate the uniqueness of each garden. Of course, we need to give each other space to grow independently. Just as a garden needs sunlight and air, so do hearts thrive with individuality and freedom. I hope this inspires you to nurture your gardens with self-love, and maintain your bridge with conscious communication, and show up with a willingness to repair when needed.

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