Dearest Michael,

I feel nostalgic about your unwavering devotion and support, especially during difficult times.

As we’ve traveled through the highs and lows of our outrageous lifestyle, you have held my hand with unwavering support. Often you are the one inspiring, encouraging, and leading me into the unknown, but just as frequently, you are willing to follow, sometimes blindly, deeper into the mystery of love. I am awestruck by the creativity you continually pour into this uncharted path. Your humor and positive attitude seem to illuminate my darkest corners. We’ve been through many struggles together, including episodes in which my mental health seems to cast a shadow on everything else. Yet without faltering, you always seem to catch me, and help me find my way back into love.

I remember how you showed up for my postpartum depression with such tenderness and embraced the opportunity to form an exceptional bond with our son.

Then, ten years ago, during my nervous breakdown, you took it as an opportunity to stretch your empathy skills and we broke through to new levels of harmony. Your value for forgiveness and acceptance has allowed me, again and again, to regain my center.

In the last few months, I’ve been wrestling with burn-out and jealousy toward other lovers, but you have been my rock and sanctuary. Thank you for honoring my limits and boundaries as they arise and shift. As you support me in navigating back into mental stability and right-relation with our intimate network, I am especially grateful for how warm and generous you are towards my other lovers and how much you’ve taught me to be more inclusive and kind to yours. I look up to your sensitivity and generosity. I trust we will weather this storm, and come through even better.

Our love has always been a crucible for growth. It’s been remarkable to witness the development of your shamanic intuition and the emergence of your inner feminine. Through these various tests, and your own deep work, you have evolved into a more passionate and compassionate being, and I am humbled by your willingness to embrace reality, as it is.

So, on this Birthday, I want to honor you, lean into us, and appreciate the support, compassion, resilience, and forgiveness that you embody. May this year be filled with inner peace, play, health, sexy shenanigans, and boundless love as we continue to journey deeper into life itself.



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