Celebrating this Milestone: We now have an official page for accountability on the website!

We are excited to introduce ISTA’s new Accountability Process, a transformative and healing approach that reflects our commitment to creating a culture of consent, feedback, and growth.

We first announced the process, In July of 2023, with a brief overview, you can read our official Accountability Process Statement announcement .

We are currently in the beta stage of this process, and to demonstrate our commitment to responsibility and transparency, we intend to post seasonal updates on our progress. On our new Accountability Process page you will find:

  1. An overview of the 5 step Accountability process
  2. A Note on Power and the Role of Safe Mediation
  3. Form A: 10 Question assessment
  4. Form B: Self Assessment
  5. FAQ

There is also an accountability manual that outlines additional guidance and recommendations for each step of the journey. These are living documents that reflect ISTA’s evolving best practices and will be periodically reviewed and updated with feedback from the field, including by those undergoing this process.

This draft was published on August 2023. Our next revision is scheduled for the Fall of 2023 and is intended to include examples of holistic restorative rituals as well as an updated and extended FAQ. Feedback is welcome and will be considered for the next iteration. Please send your suggestions here: https://ista.life/feedback

Thank you,

KamalaDevi McClure, Penny Goldsmuntz & Laurie Handlers

The Accountability Team

Check it out: https://ista.life/projects/accountability-process

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