…and I’m feeling all the feels! My hubby is off to Burning Man and my son Devin (age 16) his in his first weeks of his Junior yearl. Meanwhile, I’m home, healing and balancing my hormones. (Your prayers are warmly received.)

I’ve been hearing some big questions lately, about testosterone, my pronouns, and being non-binary so I made an 11min. video called Gender, Pronouns and Testosterone, Oh My! I am nonbinary so my transition is not a linear process from one gender to another…It’s a fluid process of self-discovery. Let me know how it touches you.

If you are interested in following the work I’ve been doing with ISTA for the last 10 months, check out our new Accountability Page which just went LIVE this month: https://ista.life/projects/accountability-process

ISTA Accountability Page Now LIVE

Now that the process is in it’s beta test, I hope to resume writing and mentoring. I hope our paths cross again soon!

Wake up & Dream,

KamalaDevi (They/Them)

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