devin Fu dog 2012This love poem was written the day we enrolled our baby into kindergarden. It’s more TRUE now than ever! Love you Michael McClure.

This one is for my husband, who never complains about my tone deaf rants: 

I never learned to play an instrument.

I’m sure my mother was grateful for that
on the days I’d wake up to find empty
tequila bottles around the back yard fire pit

So I tiptoed off to school, lest my footsteps
disturb my father who’d be up early
typing in his study, if he was home at all

But silence and stillness never suited me
as a teenager I learned to stomp around
and though awkward on the dance floor
I would find ways to let the music out

In college I discovered my words
and my body, and poetry
in radical feminist coffee shoppes
and ever since, I’ve been working my craft

so that today I can sing this song:
This one is for my husband
the multi-instrumentalist who
tells jokes and writes and sings
and  never complains about
my tone deaf rants

You found an unknown artist
who was wounded and blocked
you took her into your temple
and tended her wounds
ending her searching and suffering  

you not only gave her your bed
but your heart, a home and
a room of her own
and you let her keep her silly dreams
in fact you watered them like seeds

Even the ones you didn’t understand
like why she needed a son?

So you made me a mother
who never had to chose between
family or work or her creativity

Now we live in a garden,
up to our knees with blooming wildflowers
that were once just crazy dreams

And next year, our son starts school
we’ll ride bikes down the street
to his kindergarden music academy
So that someday you and I can sit
quietly In the audience, holding hands
listening to our boy as he lyrically

strums out his own soul.

By KamalaDevi,  May 2012
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