Before I journey to Israel, I am feeling into how powerful land is hungry for harmony and peace amongst its diverse inhabitants. Introspecting on how personal growth can be transpersonal peace work. Please watch this video as I share my feelings on a controversial topic that is near and dear to my heart!

Wake up and Dream,

KamalaDevi McClure

Journey with your soul tribe in 2019

May 20-27 ISTA Israel ~ Event Details / Facebook
June 20-26, ISTA Montreal (L1) ~ Event Details / Facebook
July 1-7, (L2) ISTA Berlin ~ Event Details / Facebook
July 24-31, ISTA Family Fusion Experiment (ISTA Grads) ~ Event Details / Facebook
Aug. 14-20, ISTA (L2) Saratoga Springs, California ~ Event Details / Facebook
Aug. 31 – Sept. 7, Wild Shamanic Alaska Luxury Cruise ~ Event Details / Facebook
Oct. 1-8, ISTA San Diego, California
OCT. 22-29, ISTA Portland (Special NFNC training)
April 15-20, 2020, ISTA Festival, Oracle, AZ
April 21-28, 2020, ISTA  Oracle, AZ (Core Gathering)
May 10-17, 2020, ISTA Brazil
May 20-27, 2020, ISTA Brazil (L2)
June 22-29, 2020, ISTA Hawaii Family Fusion Experiment (ISTA Grads)
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