This St. Valentines day marks my 18th anniversary with Michael. It’s also the year that we started our year-long relationship deep dive and renewed our vows. When he asked me how we should celebrate I said I wanted to immortalize the depth of our journey together with underwater photography. So we called our resident mermaid, Summer Athena Fae who was happy to get wet with us in Roxanne and Daniel’s heated pool and this is my favorite moment. [Below is a raw image.]

[Raw Image]

“I love how you see me, even when your eyes are closed. I love what you reflect about me. I love your depth, your intensity and your creativity. I love how you challenge my sense of adventure. I especially love how you listen to me. Even if I never feel understood, you are to willing to spend your whole life trying. I love how we co-author reality together.

I love you, Michael McClure” ❤️

P.S. I don’t need all the chocolates, lingerie, jewelry, and flowers—as long as I get to kiss you—every day is like Valentine’s Day.


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