Soul Transfusion

As his twin brother’s body is slipping away to cancer, so is the facade that Marc built his entire life upon. At the funeral, Marc is confronted with how little he knows about his brother’s secret transgender world. He inherits an intriguing new wardrobe, a sexy new community complete with a spiritual mentor. His beloved wife is willing to try anything from trial separation to opening the marriage in order to save him from drowning in the ordinary. At first it seems that dressing in women’s clothing is a coping strategy for his brother’s death. Soon, however, he becomes fascinated by his brother’s spirit guides and is willing to play with a soul swapping ritual. The experiment, ofcourse, does not go as expected, yet it’s the closest he can come to realizing his hermaphroditic soul. Forced to come into full realization of masculine and feminine energies, how will both identities reconcile their body, mind and spirit so they can co-exist?