Don’t Drink the Punch

Read this novel and you will: discover what Tantra really is; tour through the chakras; study ancient sexual secrets; learn about ejaculation control; explore transcendental lovemaking; get acquainted with self-enquiry; study mantra and meditation; and more. During a hedonistic stopover in Bangkok, Sal, an aspiring Jewish filmmaker, falls in love with Saraswati, a luscious Brazilian yoga teacher, and follows her to an ashram in India where the disciples channel a disembodied Tantric master. After a life-threatening illness and dealing drugs in Goa, he finds himself running from the law. Although his gut tells him to break free from the sex cult, he doesn’t want to leave the only spiritual truth he’s ever known. Finally, when the teachings lead him, naked, into the cemeteries of South India, he must decide how far he is willing to go for love.