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“I’ve used this method for my own books, and helped DOZENS of students — many of them first-timers — turn their ideas into books within record time and minimal cost.” ~ KD

Discover the shortcuts, tips and best practices to CHANNEL your first draft in the next 90 days.

Dear Authors, (OR soon-to-be Authors,)

Your book is demanding to be written. It wants to be out of your head, and free to roam the world! Yet, you have a list of excuses about how you don’t have enough time or experience to sit down and pour it out. Have you considered what these excuses are costing you? Do you want to take them to the grave? Or can you afford to give me 90 days (12 weeks) so I can show you how to channel your book using the quantum field and tantric teachings to shortcut months or even years of hard work?! Imagine what this will do for your career and sense of self worth! What if this is the season you birth your book!?


Will this be the season you finally do it? Are you ready to experience the thrill, accomplishment, and fulfillment of completing your book? Even if you have no background in writing, I have a proven formula to coach you through the completion of your first draft!

No matter what type of book you want to create, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the journey of making your dream become a reality. You’ll learn to tap into your own spiritual inspiration and channel more writing in three months than most authors do in a whole year… all while working from the comfort of home!

What makes me so sure I can show you how to write a book in 90 days?

In college, I learned to write quickly because I was a playwright. Like Shakespeare in Love, I had a whole team of actors and directors constantly breathing down my neck to get my pages finished. Years later, when I went to India, I heard a clear calling to write a novel. But I didn’t know the first thing about how to write a book.
Yet I knew I had a message I wanted to share with the world, so I went to every crash course I could on how to write, edit and publish a book. The classes were depressing and discouraging. The process seemed arduous and hopeless.

I was desperate to learn a NEW way to write, so I began combining technical writing tools, with spiritual practices and tantric principles and …

My first novel was born! As I told my friends and students about my discoveries, they started using my methods and also started seeing overnight success. I also got a deal to write my second book, and have used it on all seven books I’ve written!

Essentially, the formula involves dedicating yourself to write the book in the shortest amount of time. First, we begin by untangling these 3 phases: Pre-writing, writing and editing. The first phase is a process of visioning and structuring, then comes channeling and downloading, and finally refining and polishing. As a bonus, I’m going to throw in shortcuts for publishing and marketing!

To motivate yourself to write your book, you restructure your time management, tell everyone you know that you’re doing it, and listen to these revolutionary recordings. All I ask is that you devote approximately 10 hours of work on your book, per week. 


That’s like a weekend hobby. Most people waste that much time on the internet or TV. How would you like to be finishing your book!

I’ve been testing and tweaking this 90-day class for the last ten years and have had amazing results! In just three months, I will cram everything you need to know to Write, Edit, Publish, and Sell, your book in the shortest possible time! And this flexible weekly video format accommodates your busy schedule! 


My favorite thing about teaching this course is meeting talented thought- leaders like yourself and helping them bring their message out to the world!

Wake up and Dream,


I’ve been teaching this course for almost 15 years and could easily be charging $497, even my returning students are used to paying $397! But since I’m launching my new website and offering it as a home study course online, I’m happy to give you a HUGE discount. You can get it today for a $108 donation.

The curriculum:

Part 1: The power of Pre-Writing:

• Know why you’re REALLY want to write a book
• How to Structure your time to make it happen
• How to generate commercially viable ideas
• Outlining and Structure/Plot
• Developing your Voice and Style
• Character development and conflict
• Scenes, Dialog & Conflict

Part 2: The Nuts & Bolts

• Power of Community and Accountability
• Writing from your passion and developing ideas
• Commitment, Discipline & Enthusiasm
• Affecting your Audience
• Ending with Poetry

Part 3: Revising, Rewriting, and Polishing

• Review the market
• Where to submit your book
• To Self Publish or Seek Publishing
• How to find and work with an agent
• Testimonials and Pre-publication promotion
• Your Marketing Plan
• Bonus Strategies to Make it a Bestseller!

Can you really complete a book in 90 days?

Ask these Successful Graduates:

• Kypris Aster Drake, Author of Journey to Sexual Wholeness
• Vicki Vantoch, Author of The Threesome Handbook
• Mariette Pan, Author of Dream Spinner
• Bad Girl Liz, Author of What Color are Your Stripper Shoes?
• Grandpa Jack, Author of Airplanes don’t wear Skis Grampa
• Robin Dorhn Simpson, A Peruvian Adventure
• Tiffany Silver, How to L.O.V.E.
• Diana Jowswick, The Acupuncture Weight Loss Solution
• Seva Khalsa, You CAN Make Her Happy, A Guidebook for Men
• Robyn Vogel, Come Back To Love
• Crystal Dawn Morris, Making Love to Life

…and dozens more who’ve taken this revolutionary class!


“Life-changing! This class gave me chills through my spine, a full-body experience every week that helped me access the abundant creative energy and ground it into something beautifully meaningful and REAL.”

~ Ria Yoshida

I am truly channeling my book. It was the first thing KD said and it stayed with me for the 90 days. It helped me to see and understand that all I needed to do was open up my heart/mind/soul and allow the information to come through me to my fingertips and onto the “page.” It took the pressure off and allowed me to open to my creativity and helped me uncork my writing, and letting it flow.

~ Robyn Vogel

“This group process allowed me to painlessly complete the rough draft of my first book in just 90 days. KamalaDevi has a lot of innovative ideas to inspire your creativity. Being accountable to others made a big difference. I have many more book ideas. I will definitely use the tools learned in this class over and over again.

~ Crystal Dawn Morris

Working with KamalaDevi as my writing coach jumpstarted my writing process and her insight and wisdom and guidance has been the key to going from book concept to 20,000 words in a few short months and a continuing writing discipline. Her course has been very valuable to me.

~Corey Folsom

KamalaDevi’s process of jump-starting your book is brilliant. She has combined many techniques to get you from thinking about writing to actually sitting down and writing. You can tell that KamalaDevi loves what she does!

~Robin Dohrn-Simpson

Sign up with KamalaDevi to take advantage of a relatively simple method that takes the guess-work out of book writing so you can concentrate on the juicy stuff bouncing around in your head!

~ Brian J. Wimmer