Polyamory Pearls

Looking for a cheat sheet with quick and dirty shortcuts to the mysteries of maintaining multiple relationships? In over a decade of doing media on polyamory, Kamala Devi has mastered the fine art of speaking in sound bites. This book is stuffed with sexy one-liners on everything from threesomes to open marriage. It’s invaluable for anyone in an alternative relationship, especially coaches, writers, public speakers, or commitment-phobes just looking to get laid. Humor and spirituality are irreverently sprinkled throughout the book which is alphabetized by subject and illustrated with original cartoons! Kamala Devi shares her wisdom, wit and profound insights in this collection of cartoons and quotations with wonderful humor about the all-too-serious subject of ethical non-monogamy. You’ll want to keep this book somewhere handy so you can open it to a delightful quote whenever you need it. –Dossie Easton, MFT, Co-Author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut