family fusion call with questions and answers

For the first time, we’ve held a Zoom call with ISTA Parents to vision what is possible for the Family Fusion Experiment and also introduce the team for the upcoming training. We had an informal panel with the team from ISTA Family Fusion and are happy to share the vision for a sacred sex family summer camp! If you’re a parent, check it out:

What does it look like to raise kids in a sex-positive culture at each stage of their development? What can we co-create together as a culture and a tribe in a way that will honor each person as a diverse and fully nuanced sexual being?
We answered questions about the curriculum, the structure/schedule of the training, the age of the kids you can expect will join us, as well as some information about the venue, camping, and amenities.

Crystal Dawn Morris, Rich Priddis, Philippe Lewis, Michael McClure, Liliana Coventina, Kamela Peace…!

Find more about Family Fusion here:

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