My Mediums: 

Books, plays, performance art, ritual, poetry, and making love. 

 My Sacred Purpose:

I aspire to love as god/ess loves

My creativity is called forth by a future vision that dissolves the separation that causes human suffering. My soul has embodied on earth during this critical time of division and destruction in order to contribute to a new narrative. 

 My work points towards a wider perspective that celebrates diversity, collapses duality, and embraces paradox.

My Process:

Each day, I pray for the World Soul to move through me as I experience more of the transcendent in Physical form. My life’s work is intended to serve Love, Liberation, Evolution, and erotic expression. 

May be an image of flower and outdoors

My Inspiration: 

Mother Nature in all her forms. Anais Nin. Frida Khalo. Alice Walker. Julie Cameron, Ani DiFranco. Deiter Duhm. Marina Abramovic. Annie Sprinkle. Octavia Butler. My soul family, especially my son.

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