Work With Me

“I am the center of my Universe, just as you are the center of yours; by loving each other, our worlds merge into infinity.” ~KD

Are you ready for extraordinary guidance?  If you’re experiencing an awakening and ready to take it to the next level, I’d be honored to be your mentor. You can work with me in any of the following 4 ways. No matter what level of engagement you chose, my work is always spirit-guided and designed to awaken the true nature of your ecstatic soul.

#1 Online Master Classes

Shift your reality with these self-study, self-paced courses from the comfort of your own home. Our most popular offers include: Beyond Monogamy where you learn how to maximize pleasure and reduce pain when opening your relationship. And How to write a book in 90 days where you can finish the first draft of your manuscript in record time! You can also visit our calendar of events for a variety of online seminars from various sacred sex conferences and tantra festivals!

#2 Private Sessions & Couples Coaching

I offer a limited number of private phone, zoom and in-person sessions with select artists, coaches, healers and teachers who are committed to the collective awakening. To schedule a discovery session and experience a profound transmission in the area of sex, power, money or spirituality, please email Kali Das. A one-hour session is $250 US, to be prepaid on paypal.

#3 Transformative Retreats

SPIRITUAL… SEXUAL… SHAMANIC… each of these three areas carries enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love, and joy! They are also dangerous dimensions often shrouded in fear, shame, manipulation, and misuse of power.  It’s time we uncover our shadows, shine a light on our patterns and transform them into empowering new ways of being fully alive.

Over the past decade, thousands of people on 5 continents in over 40 countries have attended ISTA training and had sustainable life-changing experiences.If you are ready to live your true nature, this experiential 8-day training is for you!

#4 Love Leadership Mentorship & Mastermind

We are launching a new Love Leadership Mentorship & Mastermind program.  If you are in the business of pleasure, love, sex, relationship & spirituality, this year-long course offers immense guidance, support and synergy to take your work to the next level. This is not just personal growth but transpersonal transformation! There is no substitute for small group coaching with radical visionaries who are equally committed to bringing more love into the world! The curriculum is tailored to your specific gifts encouraging your every step towards your greatest contribution!